Working with young children is a huge responsibility. Not only do they have the potential to wander off and get into a host of potentially dangerous situations, but they are some of the most vulnerable people in society when it comes to falling victim to other people’s evil.

That’s why parents have to think long and hard about who they chose to look after their child while they are at work. This person will have a huge influence on their child’s development, and the wrong selection could disastrously affect their behavior long into the future.

Thankfully, however, David William and his wife Magdalene unknowingly hired a hero for the job. This was dramatically captured on their home’s CCTV footage when their nanny Elizabeth saved their two-year-old son Josh from every parent’s worst nightmare.

To see what she saved Josh from, check out the shocking video below:

Had Elizabeth not put her own life in danger to save Josh, there is no telling what could have happened to him.

However, this incident is simply indicative of a much wider problem in the US, where a home is robbed every 18 seconds. This means that 200 homes are burgled every hour and a staggering 2,800 every day, so it really is something which could happen to anyone.

Aside from the financial implications of burglary, it also has a psychological effect on victims, with 60% reporting that they experienced anger, shock, worry, and fear afterward. It’s therefore nothing short of a miracle that Elizabeth is still happy to care for Josh.

So, if there is a lesson to be learned from this story, it’s this: ensure that you hire the best possible sitter to care for your child, and, if you haven’t done so recently, review the security features around your home – it could save you a lot of trouble and trauma down the line.