I’m sure you’ve probably heard the saying “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. Well, it seems some companies are taking that phrase to the extreme and offering products that are far from what is promised on the packaging.

Sometimes it seems to be out of laziness, and other times its to scam a few extra bucks, but often it’s out of a scheme to deceive the consumer into making a purchase of a product they don’t really want. If you’re worried about getting scammed you’ll definitely want to check out the photos below.

You’ll likely save yourself a lot of money, or at the very least you won’t be fooled by false advertising. Here are the top 25 infuriating photos businesses don’t want you to see:

1. This “recycling” bin.

It all goes to the same place in the end.

2. This brand new deodorant.

Ever wonder why you run out so quickly?

3. This olive oil.

Think you can read that “sunflower oil” description from the top shelf?

4. These 35% less sugar oatmeal packets.

Turns out each packet is actually just 35% smaller.

5. This “full” bottle.

Now that’s just being mean.

Check out this smoothie that doesn’t have any smoothie in it at all…