If you’ve been with your partner a while and you’ve only ever had sex in a bed, then you’re definitely missing out. There are plenty of places the two of you can fool around in.

Some of them may not be so practical, some may not be entirely sanitary, but one thing’s for sure – they’re definitely far from vanilla.

And even if you have had sex in places other than the mundane comfort of your bed, and you feel like you’ve run out of options, trust me, you haven’t.

Here are 14 of the dirtiest, most secretive and exciting places for you and a partner to screw around in.

1. In the shower

It’s definitely not one of the more practical places you can have sex, but it makes for a great spur of the moment romp. And it’s a great way of killing two birds with one stone – getting clean while getting dirty. And it makes total sense – we’re naked in the shower, so just another person into the equation and let one thing need to another…

Here are the five more of the hottest places to get down and dirty:

2. In the bath

Sex aside, one of the coziest places in existence is a warm bath, with plenty of bubble bath, and perhaps scented candles… and a glass of champagne or two. It can make for a very romantic setting, so why not utilize the opportunity? The main issue is that you’ll be limited in terms of positions, but it can be a great place to start off a night of passion.