There is definitely an unwritten consensus when it comes to dress codes in gyms that, well, there isn’t one!

Sure people will usually choose to work out in what is typically deemed “sportswear”, but generally speaking, people don’t give much thought to what they wear at the gym and whether or not it will be seen as acceptable by the staff.

I mean, the only rule (if you can call it that) is that you probably shouldn’t turn up dressed to the nines otherwise you might get some strange looks.

But as it turns out, some gyms do have a dress code set out for their paying customers…

And as one gym-goer called Sarah Villafañe discovered, not conforming to their prudish standards can lead you to be thrown out.

According to the staff at this particular gym, Sarah’s workout gear was “inappropriate”, but if you look at the photo below, I think you’ll agree that her attire looks no different to that of pretty much every female at the gym.

Her outfit is by no means sexually suggestive or overly revealing, but in spite of this, she was told to pack up her gym kit and promptly leave.

The gym in question is at the College of Charleston, and they felt she wasn’t covered up enough. That’s pretty outrageous as she wasn’t “indecently” dressed in the slightest. After all, workouts tend to increase people’s body temperature, meaning that excessive clothing would be counterintuitive.

So what exactly went down? Well, while she was in the middle of a workout, a member of staff interrupted her to tell put a shirt over so that she had “full coverage”. Otherwise, she would have no choice but to leave the premises.