Unfortunately, the internet is a breeding ground for intricately crafted scams. In fact, it has been estimated that online scammers are costing the global economy hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

We all know at least one person who has been impacted by an internet scam. Be it buying clothes from China or unwittingly sending money to a fictitious boyfriend, there are no end of elaborate schemes in place to separate us from our money.

Take this woman, for example. She sent $1.4 million to a man she’d never met after falling in love with him online…

So when 19-year-old Niamh Gargan found a woman on Facebook who claimed to be a psychic with the ability to see into the future, she should have known better. Instead, she sent £10 ($14) to the woman via PayPal and awaited her response.

Of course, there aren’t many psychics who operate exclusively via social media. Not only that but surely anybody with access to somebody’s Facebook account can glean a vague picture of their future.

For example, if somebody were to quickly browse through my timeline they’d probably predict that I will die young as a result of excessive alcohol consumption and that I will probably do so alone, for my relationship status is very single.