They say that traveling by plane is statistically the safest way to get from A to B. But if you read the news headlines, it would appear that this may no longer be the case.

With each new day comes a new tragedy from on board some of the world’s most well-established airlines. The plane doesn’t necessarily even need to have left the tarmac for a scandal to emerge, just think back to April 2017 when United Airlines came under an intense amount of scrutiny for forcibly removing a passenger – a doctor who needed to travel home in order to tend to his patients.

Then, earlier this week a man was tasered 10 times on board an American Airlines flight. Watch the incident here…

The latest traumatic tale comes from onboard an American Airlines flight, flying from Hawaii to Texas. The incident, which occurred in April 2016, involved a newlywed nurse who fell sick whilst in the air and died three days later.

Brittany Oswell was traveling with her military husband from Honolulu to their home in South Carolina when, three hours into the flight, she began to feel “disorientated and dizzy”.

The 26-year-old’s condition quickly deteriorated as the plane soared through the sky, prompting the onboard doctor and flight attendants to plead with the captain to make an emergency landing.

During the traumatic trip, Ms. Oswell’s heart stopped, leaving the onboard doctor with no choice but to administer CPR in the plane galley.