When you have a talent in life, it’s easy to get competitive. It doesn’t matter whether it’s being able to eat an unusually large number of pancakes in one sitting, sing particularly high notes, or, as is the case for 44-year-old Bobbi-Jo Westley, have extremely large hips.

The 542lb mom-of-five is now on a mission to have the world’s largest hips. Despite her colossal size, she puts her monstrous weight down to the effects which childbirth has had on her body and her underactive thyroid, claiming she doesn’t actually eat that much.

In the video below, Bobbi-Jo explains why men find her “irresistible”: 

“My hips are what make me unique. It’s what makes me ‘me’,” Bobbi-Jo explained. “When I realized that there where men out there who like my shape, I was kind of surprised.”

Now she cashes in on her gigantic 95-inch hips by charging these men $2,000 (£1,500) a pop for steamy webcam sessions. Whatever floats (or should I say ‘sinks’) your boat.

The current world record for the largest hips ever recorded is held by Mikel Ruffinelli, who has hips which measure 99 inches.

While Bobbi-Jo has admitted that she is scared of dying, she said that beating the world record is “just something I have to do”.

“I want to be remembered for something, and I think having the world’s biggest hips is what I was meant to be remembered for,” she said.

We can only presume she’s changed her diet from the salads she claims did nothing to stop her from weighing 542lbs. Maybe she’s decided to have some hummus with her carrot sticks in the hope of gaining the inches separating her from the world record?

Nutritionist Nadia Sharifi has slammed Bobbi-Jo’s claims that she eats a healthy diet and said, “It’s literally a life or death choice at this point. Hormones, or thyroid issues, or blood type or ancestry might play a little part, but ultimately it’s down to what we put into our mouth.”

While I would typically wish someone like Bobbi-Jo all the best on her quest if it makes her happy, common sense has caused me to come down on the same side as Nadia. Hopefully, the mom-of-five sees sense before she finds herself in a very bizarrely shaped casket.