Moving house is something which we all have to do at least a few times in our lives. It’s an arduous process having to pack up your belongings and transport them to your new abode, but it’s almost always worth it once it’s done. For one Brisbane mom, however, it ended in tragedy.

Thirty-seven-year-old Clare Scott was moving house when she accidentally scratched her ring finger. This scratch almost took her life when it developed into a serious bacterial infection called necrotizing fasciitis – also known as the “flesh-eating” bug – which caused her hand to swell up like a balloon.

To find out more about the shocking effects of this condition, check out the video below:

Clare said that at its worst, the condition left her looking like the victim of a shark attack.

Doctors had to battle to not only save the 37-year-old’s hand, but her life!

They started by using skin from her right thigh to cover the gaping wound left by the disease, which saw the mom-of-three from Brisbane, Australia, endure a staggering nine operations.

“At one point, I looked like the victim of a shark attack. I truly count myself as being lucky to be alive,” she said.