No matter how hard you try, you can never please your children. You can do everything right and they’d still find something to pick fault with. One dad who knows that better than most is Matt Rowton.

Despite his sterling efforts to be present for every element of his young daughter’s life, he is still not quite good enough. For his daughter, Marley, it was his beard that caused offense. So, in an attempt to see her father clean-shaven, the youngster applied for The Today Show‘s Ambush Makeover.

But when she saw the results, she had an unexpected response…

Marley, who evidently adores her father, was left perplexed when she lifted her blindfold. Infront of her stood a man, but not her father.

Desperately looking around for a familiar face, Marley completely overlooks the smart gentleman wearing a suit right before her very eyes.

With no beard in sight, Marley is clearly confused. It is not until the show’s host points out her dad that she suddenly realizes he’s been right there the whole time.

Overwhelmed by his sophisticated new appearance, little Marley breaks down in tears before giving her dad an enormous cuddle.

As his daughter continues to cry, Matt tries to reassure her. But rather than steam the flow of her tears, he just makes it worse.

Meanwhile, Matt himself looks a little over-awed by the situation. Looking at himself in the mirror, he remarks how he looks like a “CEO” with a small smirk.

It’s easy to see why both Marley and Matt were confused by the makeover because Matt looks completely unrecognizable. There is barely a trace of his former self in sight, other than his sparkling, crystal clear eyes.

No doubt when Matt returned home he was met with many perplexed looks from his friends and family who would certainly have mistaken him for a stranger! We wouldn’t be surprised if Marley’s teachers stopped Matt from picking her up from school!

It’s hard to judge from Marley’s reaction whether she is happy with her dad’s new look – the look she’d specifically requested – or not. Matt himself certainly doesn’t seem to rate it! What do you think, did he look better before or after?