As customers – and we’re all customers of something or another – we are taught that we’re always right.

If we are in a restaurant, for instance, and the service isn’t up to scratch, it is our right to complain and expect some sort of compensation, or a voucher at the very least.

And if we are ordering at a fast food joint, we expect the service to be, well, fast. Yes, the food may be cheap but that doesn’t mean the staff should scrimp on some good old customer satisfaction.

Just ask the fuming customer who recently stripped naked in McDonald’s, leaping off the counter because his fast-food order was late:

In the short but shocking video which is making waves on the web, the almost-naked man shouts in evident fury as the rest of the customers watch in shock. It is believed that the clip was filmed last weekend in a McDonald’s branch in London and appears to have been filmed by a friend of the man.

The video starts with the livid customer clapping his hands and shouting to the other customers: “Everybody, everybody I want you to see, I’m done with these hating b***ches!”

The irate customer – who is clad in a black Nike hoodie – then starts to strip off, removing his shirt. He then shouts, “I’m f**cking done” and takes off his pants and shoes leaving him in just a pair of shorts.

One of the employees notices the man stripping and promptly tells him to put him to put his clothes back on, saying “Excuse me, can you get dressed”. However, the half-dressed man ignores the employee, and instead picks up two milkshakes and jumps onto the counter.

Holding one milkshake in each hand, the shirtless man yells “I’m f***ing done!” and then smashes the two beverages together in outrage. As a result, the drinks spill over the man and the floor. He then leaps from the counter onto the floor before dramatically slipping on the milkshake – as onlookers react in utter disbelief.

Who knows why the man chose to react in such an over-the-top way? But it just goes to show how important good service and a swiftly-prepared McDonald’s meal is to us.