When you’re a parent, you aim to protect your children by all means necessary. You feel it is your duty to defend them against anyone who poses a threat to their physical, mental or emotional wellbeing.

But most parents, even the most protective ones, would not resort to physically attacking a teenage boy in order to teach him not to bully their kid.

The incident occurred at The Gap skate park in Brisbane, Queensland, in March. Fifty-three-year-old Mark Bladen claimed he was giving the boy a “good old-fashioned talking to” when the teenager began smiling in defiance, leading him to “snap”. The furious father tried to choke the boy in anger at his total lack of remorse and respect.

Bladen’s daughter told her dad that the boy has been bullying her relentlessly by calling her derogatory names and giving her degrading gifts.

“[He] called me names like ‘gorilla’ and ‘King Kong’, he would buy me shaving cream for Christmas so that I would shave,” she told a reporter.

Bladen explained that he had no intentions of the encounter turning physical. “[But] he smiled at me,’ he said, referring to the moment that he snapped and lashed out at the teenager.

The boy was sitting on a bench at the time of the attack, after which, one of his friends yelled, “Get the f*** off him”. He suffered bruising to his throat and scratches on his limbs as a result of the attack.

You can see below the alarming footage of a father launching a forceful attack on the 15-year-old boy who had allegedly bullied his daughter:


Bladen’s friends have responded to the incident by praising the father for defending his “princess”, with one remarking that he hoped he “would do it again”.

“He’s got to stand up for his family,” a member of Chermside Darts Club said.

Another added, “I would hope that he would do it again, to be honest.”

A woman, who is believed to be the mother of the girl who was bullied, stuck up for the father saying, “He did what any parent would do”.

On March 20, in Brisbane Magistrates Court, Bladen pleased guilty to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm. He was sentenced to pay $1,000 with no conviction recorded due to the fact that he had an exemplary history which included a commendation for his work in Rockhampton following Cyclone Marcia in February 2015.

Of course, no one should resort to physical violence unless they are under attack. We hope both the boy and the father have learned their lessons. Regardless of what form it comes in, abuse is completely wrong and unacceptable.