When Jerome Kennedy heard noises in his attic, he was understandably curious, and his interest intensified when he witnessed a flashlight being shone through a vent in the bedroom he shares with his wife and 10-month-old daughter.

Concerned by this suspicious activity, the Pittsburgh-native installed a hidden camera in the attic to see what was really going on. But nothing could have prepared him for what he would see when he watched the footage the next day.

This was not what he expected to find…

Lurking in his attic was a man he recognized as his neighbor, 69-year-old Robert Havrilla.

“It shows him removing a false wall that he engineered, climbing onto my ceiling, above my baby’s crib, and he lies on some planks that he put there, in my ceiling,” Kennedy told KDKA.

Alarmed by what he saw, Kennedy phoned the police. Armed with evidence of Havrilla’s peculiar peeping, he was ready to see the “creep show” neighbor be put behind bars for a very long time.

But just when he thought it couldn’t get any more strange, Kennedy discovered perfectly circular holes drilled into a brick wall that separated his property from Havrilla’s home. Immediately, he began to stuff the holes with paper to deter any further peeping, but as he did so, he realized that there were masses of the spy holes all over the wall.

“The only thing I can assume is he’s watching my baby, my wife, or myself,” a disgusted Kennedy told CBS Pittsburgh.

“It’s very disheartening to feel violated in this way that somebody can come in and disrupt the sanctity of my home, it’s indescribable,” Kennedy said.

No doubt the surveillance footage will play a large part in the case against Harvilla, who has pleaded not guilty.

Meanwhile, the Kennedys will naturally have many sleepless nights whilst they try to come to terms with the truth about their stalker next door.