When you’re being filmed on live television, there’s no telling what will happen. That’s the tricky thing about live TV – you simply cannot edit out clumsy mistakes or unfortunate slip-ups.

Celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, for instance, happen so regularly that they’re almost inevitable (who could forget Janet Jackson’s infamous nip slip at the 2004 Super Bowl?)

This time, Anastacia fell victim to a bit of slippage, but it happened a little lower down than Jackson’s notorious wardrobe malfunction…

On the Italian version of Dancing With The Stars, Anastacia flashed more of herself than she intended:

The ‘Left Outside Alone’ singer showcased her dance moves nearly two years after taking part in the British version of Dancing With The Stars, Strictly Come Dancing.

While Anastacia’s appearance on Strictly Come Dancing proved to be fairly unproblematic, that certainly wasn’t the case for her appearance in Italy’s Dancer For A Night segment.

Wearing a sparkly red and gold mini-dress for her ambitious routine, one particular dance move left her revealing much more of her derrière than she would have liked.

As her dance partner, Maykel Fonts, lifted Anastacia in the air as part of their routine, she tried to wrap her legs around his neck. In the process of doing that, her otherwise stunning dress totally let her down. That’s because it literally “slipped up”, revealing her flesh-colored panties and butt cheeks to everyone in the studio and, of course, everyone watching at home.

In spite of the unexpected slip-up, Anastacia received a lot of praise from the judges’ panel, and for that reason, she had every reason to beam from ear to ear after the performance was over.

Sharing a photo of herself and Fonts following the performance, she expressed her love and appreciation of her pro dance partner:

“Thank you @maykel_fonts all your hard work and a fun exciting routine. When learning to dance it takes a patient, kind, enthusiastic teacher. I felt you truly love helping others learn to dance. I wish the best for you and until we meet again my friend.”

No one can accuse Anastacia of not handling herself gracefully. I mean, these things are bound to happen in the world of glitz and glamor, right?