In the past decade, adopting a child from a third world country has become incredibly popular with wealthy families in the West.

The cause for this trend is up for debate, some attribute this surge in third world adoptions to A-list celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Madonna, both of whom have adopted children from countries stricken by war, poverty and corruption.

Meanwhile, there are those who argue that the influx in third world adoptions and charity campaigns have raised awareness for children’s suffering around the globe.

Of course, with any trend, there are always those who try to exploit it for their own financial gain. So it’s no surprise that scammers have found an opportunity within the adoption market to make some quick cash.

One family who fell foul to an elaborate adoption scam was the Davis family from Ohio. Jessica and Adam Davis already had four children, but they didn’t feel totally complete. To remedy the situation, the couple decided to adopt a child from Africa.

They were matched to a six-year-old girl from Uganda, who they believed to be an orphan.

Listen to Namata’s traumatic tale here…

“We were told her father was deceased, that she was being severely neglected at home and her mother was leaving her open to abuse,” Jessica explains. “They couldn’t provide an education [for her and she’d] never been in school.”