There is hardly anyone on the planet who is 100% satisfied with their physical appearance, but most of us will struggle on and try to find a way to accept our bodies for what they are. However, others will choose to undergo procedures in order to change their bodies.

Typically, women will opt for breast enlargement, butt implants or lip fillers, but there are a growing number of people who seek more unconventional procedures. These people will spend much of their life applying a range of extreme modifications to their body.

So what exactly is a body modification? Well, it’s essentially anything you do to your body to massively change its natural appearance. Typically, these range from piercings and tattoos to implants and injections.

Thirty-six-year-old Russ Foxx has had more than 100 modifications applied to his body. This includes extreme physical changes ranging from electrical key fobs fitted into his hands so that he can unlock his door to unmissable horn implants places in his head.

Watch some of Foxx’s body mods in action:

Foxx has opened up about identifying as a “transhumanist”, saying that he “evolves with time and technology”. He soon became drawn by the aesthetic of extreme body mods when he had his ears pierced at the tender age of five.

By the time he turned 18, he had accumulated more than 50 piercings in his face, and as a result, those who knew him began referring to him as “tackle box”.

These days, Foxx works as a body modification artist, obliging clients who request forked snake tongues, pointed ears, and ultraviolet tattoos. He is essentially a model for the phenomenally wide range of body modifications he is able to perform for his clients. “If there is anything I truly own, it’s my body,” says Foxx.

“I view modifications as the art and my body is the canvas. I define myself as a transhumanist – I evolve with technology and time,” he adds. “I’m always updating; always upgrading.”

“Since becoming an adult, I find myself gravitating towards more functional modifications that enhance my natural abilities – such as unlocking my front door with a device I’ve had surgically implanted in my hand. Though occasionally I undergo modifications just for aesthetic reasons.”

Foxx aims to upgrade the casted silicone horns he had placed into his head to “lead the shallow and judgmental away”. Yes, despite the fact that he has scarification on his head, ultraviolet tattoos covering his entire face and a silicone scarab beetle implant on his hand, he still finds room for yet more extreme body mods.

The work Foxx does is much more than just a job, it’s a way of life and something that he takes a great deal of pride in. He wants to encourage others who want to go down a similar route, that they ensure their body mods are done safely.

“I started modifying with ear piercings at the age of five soon leading into brightly colored hair,” he explains. “I’m not forcing anyone to like the modifications and I encourage people to ask questions if they’re intrigued.”

“If you want to ask a modified individual questions, you should always take the same consideration that you would when approaching anybody else in public. Whether its tattoos, piercings or advanced body modifications, do not choose the cheap option. You only get one body, and your health is of the utmost importance.”

Now, here is a man dedicated to his art and way of life. It may seem bizarre to some (well, many), but if he’s happy with his lifestyle, then that’s really all that matters.