When a perfectly polished Kate Middleton descended the stairs of The Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital on Monday, just seven hours after the birth of her third child, there was a cry of disbelief from every woman who’d ever given birth.

In the eyes of the public, the immaculate 36-year-old duchess looked far too pristine for somebody who’d gone through labor just mere hours earlier. Overall, her stylish post-birth look was considered extremely unrealistic – but then again, so is her entire life.

Meanwhile, Prince William took one for the team by displaying the true toll that fatherhood has taken on him when he nodded off during the Anzac memorial service at Westminster Abbey on Wednesday.

Unfortunately for the 35-year-old prince, his moment of weary weakness was caught on camera for the world to see. To make matters worse, he was sat next to the perfectly poised Meghan Markle, which only emphasized his exhaustion!

Watch the very relatable moment for yourself here…

Of course, nobody can blame William for his sleepy state. As a new father, with two toddling tots already on the scene, it can’t be easy to get any shut-eye at home.

For most new fathers, the idea of going to a lengthy memorial service within the 48 hours after your wife gives birth is a near-impossible challenge.

But whilst it was less than respectful of the future king to take a kip during the service, there are very few people who can blame him.

For once, the young Royal displayed his relatable side, counterbalancing his wife’s effortlessly glamorous look from two days before.

It’s important to remember that despite their high status in life, the Royal Family are real people – although, we doubt they were real enough to order a takeaway when they got back from the hospital on Monday.

Prince William’s exhaustion is also proof that the young royals don’t rely solely on nannies to care for their brood of children.

Maybe it’s Prince William that really needs the nanny to tuck him up into bed and sing him to sleep? He certainly looks like he needs it if he is going to continue with his official duties whilst caring for his newborn son!

Let’s hope he can stay awake for his brother’s wedding which is coming up fast!