As a child, you have very few worries in the world. It’s the time in your life when you can pretty much do whatever you please and not have to worry about the consequences – especially when it comes to food.

But for nine-year-old Breanna Bond, that wasn’t the case. At the age of nine, the California-native tipped the scales at 200lbs (14st 2lbs) – the ideal weight for a 6ft1 male, according to Banner Health.

Breanna was one of the thousands of obese children in America, destined for health complications in later life. But she managed to turn that all around after being bullied in the school playground for her larger-than-average size.

In the space of 14 months, Breanna managed to lose 40% of her body weight through varying exercises and a balanced diet.

Her parents were her biggest motivators on her weight loss journey, ensuring that come rain or shine their daughter was committing to her exercise routine, which included a four-mile walk daily.

Now 13 years old, Breanna looks dramatically different after an intense diet. Just look at her now…

Her parents’ motivation came from the fact that they’d watched their once bubbly daughter become increasingly withdrawn as her weight began to impact her daily life. Being unable to climb the monkey bars like the other children at school was only one of the things that caused Breanna to feel isolated from her classmates.

Determined to help change their daughter’s life for the better, her parents decided to implement a diet plan, but they didn’t let her do it alone.

The Bond family banished their beloved junk food and began to introduce exercise into their daily routine. “I walked every step with her,” Breanna’s mother explains.

This focus helped change Breanna’s approach to life. Now she is active on her school’s swimming team, placing in the top eight of the Junior Olympics finals for her age group in the 500-yard freestyle.

Looking at Breanna now, it’s impossible to know that she was once an obese child.