Russia has long been associated with nuclear weapons, with the Cold War shaping the course of the 20th century. Now, Russia is developing a number of new weapons including a virtually undetectable underwater doomsday machine that could trigger 300ft tsunamis.

Its development was announced in leader Vladimir Putin’ address to the Russian Federal Assembly on March 1. While he mentioned many of the other weapons which are being developed, his underwater machine stood out for all the wrong reasons, triggering international concern.

Check out the video below to learn more about this potentially catastrophic creation: 

According to Putin, it is a particularly effective machine because of its ability to travel to “great depths” at a speed which is faster than any submarine, “have hardly any vulnerabilities for the enemy to exploit”, and “carry massive nuclear ordnance”.

“It is really fantastic […] There is simply nothing in the world capable of withstanding them,” he said, after claiming that a nuclear-powered engine for the drones had already been tested at the end of last year. “Unmanned underwater vehicles can carry either conventional or nuclear warheads, which enables them to engage various targets, including aircraft groups, coastal fortifications and infrastructure.”

While the device itself was not given a name by Putin, it is believed to be the “oceanic multi-purpose Status-6 system” which has also been described as “Putin’s doomsday machine”.