Whilst pregnant, Stephanie Arnold became convinced that she’d die whilst giving birth to her second child in May 2013. So certain was she that she told everybody she knew about her sinister prediction. Of course, they told her not to be so ridiculous.

She was in great health and had already successfully delivered two children. Not only that, but modern day medicine makes the chances of death in childbirth very unlikely. So why did she think her last breath would come at the same time as her newborn son’s first?

Here she explains her peculiar prediction, which did ultimately come true…

After giving birth to her son, Stephanie’s heartbeat flatlined. She was medically dead for 37 seconds before being miraculously brought back to life.

The cause of her temporary death? A rare, and often fatal, condition called Amniotic Fluid Embolism. Essentially, after giving birth, amniotic fluid entered Stephanie’s bloodstream triggering a serious reaction. It is a condition which is thought to affect one in 20,000 births – however, 10% of maternal deaths are attributed to AFE.

Stephanie was lucky to survive her brush with death. Talking to Good Housekeeping about her ordeal, Stephanie put the severity of the situation into perspective:

“According to my hospital, I am the first of the 20 cases they’ve ever had to survive without any neurological damage. The hospital will tell you it’s because they were prepared. But I prepared them.”

For a short while, Stephanie struggled to adjust to life after death. In a desperate attempt to overcome the horror of her near-death experience, she underwent regression therapy.

Whilst hypnotized she was able to relive that terrifying day in intricate detail. Filming her sessions, Stephanie was able to see herself meltdown at the mere thought of her experience.

Watch Stephanie’s haunting sessions to see how she was able to overcome her ‘death’…

There is no denying that her sensational story is a true miracle. Now the Chicago-native is using her experience to help others and shine a light on what happens when your heart stops beating!