As a 911 dispatcher, you are trained to handle all manner of stricken situations. But no matter how thorough the training, there are certain scenarios that no amount of training can prepare you for.

For one 911 dispatcher, from Charleston County, South Carolina, there was no protocol in place for the call she received one afternoon. The unassuming dispatcher was left shaken when she responded to a call from a familiar voice.

All she could do was listen as her worst nightmare came true…

The horrifying call left the dispatcher understandably panic-stricken, but despite her intense feeling of fear, she managed to remain professional throughout the call.

It’s safe to stay that her remarkably calm response had a large part to play in the outcome. Had she let her horror consume her, it is doubtful that the result would have been the same. Thankfully, her basic instincts allowed her to handle the situation like a professional.

The chances of a call like this occurring during a dispatcher’s shift are incredibly slim given the daily volume of 911 calls. So, it was a pure coincidence that this dispatcher was the one to respond to this particular call.

However, this wouldn’t be the first time that somebody has had to get alarmingly close to a personal situation by pure chance whilst doing their day job.

In one alarming case, an Indian news anchor found herself unknowingly reporting the death of her husband in a tragic car accident. As she delivers more details on the incident, it slowly dawns on her that the victim is her husband. Rather than lose her focus, the reporter stays totally serene and calm as she finishes her segment.

It’s difficult to know how you would react in a similar situation. However, there is plenty of evidence to support that keeping your cool benefits your ability to process the scenario, and thus, potentially improve it.

Who knows how this 911 call could have panned out had somebody else answered, or had the dispatcher not reacted in the way that she did.

No doubt she will be nervous forever more whilst answering emergency calls!