There are few things more terrifying than tornados. They are a reminder of the almighty and all-consuming power of nature and what makes them particularly scary is that they are very easy to get caught up in, something which Savannah and Brandon Boerjan recently experienced.

The couple was driving down a highway in Arkansas when Savannah noticed the changing color of the clouds. At first, she thought that they were moving in an interesting way and decided to record them, but within seconds, she realized that she and her husband were in the middle of a tornado.

Check out the video below to see their brush with death for yourself:

After the shocking incident, Savannah posted the video she took onto Facebook where it has been shared over 78K times and received 26K comments. According to CNN, the tornado in question damaged homes in the area, leaving some people trapped inside.

Savannah also opened up about what it felt like to drive into the eye of the storm on Facebook:

“I honestly got my phone out because the clouds were moving around and I honestly thought it was pretty. Little did I know how fast this would turn from pretty to scary! We thought we were in the clear. Then we passed the hill and saw it. There it was. There was no stopping, no reversing, no going back. We had a 31+ foot camper attached and the tornado pulled us up from behind. I now know the dangers of a tornado. Never would we have thought this would happen to us.”

While recounting the incident which took place a week ago, Savannah took the opportunity to praise the importance of wearing seatbelts, pointing out that she and her husband would not have survived if they hadn’t been wearing them.

Thankfully, the couple only received minor injuries as a result of the crash.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish the couple all the best recovering from what was undoubtedly a terrifying experience.