At one point or another, we have all experienced a high and low point whilst using the internet. In fact, for a majority of the population, the chances are there have been a lot more lows than highs.

One person who has experienced a direct hit from the World Wide Web is Dennis, an unwitting victim of online dating. In pursuit of love, Dennis was blind to see that the woman of his dreams was not all she seemed. He didn’t even begin to get suspicious when she began to demand large sums of money.

In total, he sent $211,000 to his “wife”, before he learned the tragic truth…

The woman, who went by the name Kimberley Escobar, was everything that Dennis had longed for in a partner. Coincidentally, they had a lot in common, from their love of taking long walks in the moonlight to their mutual appreciation for a nice glass of wine.

As if their faultless compatibility wasn’t enough, Kimberley also happened to be extremely beautiful. For Dennis, it felt like he had won the lottery of love.

Despite never having met Kimberley, Dennis began to talk of marriage  – less than two months after they first officially met online. Rather than be perturbed by this whirlwind virtual romance, Kimberley graciously accepted and began to call Dennis her husband.

Unable to see the warning signs, Dennis happily obliged when Kimberley began to ask for money. Over the course of the following year, Dennis sent his chatroom sweetheart $211,000 – some of which he borrowed from his elderly mother.

But what did Kimberley need this money for? Here Dr. Phil finds out…

But, just when you thought this story couldn’t get any more ridiculous, it does. Why? Because whilst it may seem like a straightforward story of catfishing, it is not.

Intent on getting to the bottom of the captivating tale, Dr. Phil and his team investigated the identity of Kimberley Escobar.

They thought they knew what they’d find. But they didn’t expect this…

As Kimberley Escobar graced the stage on Dr. Phil, the audience was understandably perplexed. Who was this woman? Was she here to finally marry Dennis? Watch the big reveal to find out!