Water fights are one of the best parts of the summer, especially when you’re a kid. They’re a chance to have some carefree, messy fun, and a lot of the time the adults get involved too. Whether you’re arming yourself with a water pistol, balloons, or a good o’ bucket, they are a harmless pass time.

Or are they? Fifty-nine-year-old Philip Pike from Cambridgeshire, England, would certainly beg to differ. What started out as an innocent water fight with his children turned into an ordeal that almost cost him his life.

Check out the video below to learn more about this shocking incident: 

Things took a tragic turn for the worst for the doting dad when he fell into a rose bush during the water fight.

He obtained a number of minor scratches from the fall and naturally thought nothing of them until he started to feel unwell. It then transpired that he’d caught necrotizing fasciitis, a serious bacterial infection, which can develop from something as small as a scratch.

The disease is so serious that it can result in blood poisoning and organ failure. It affects the tissue beneath a person’s muscles and organs.