Despite the fact that we are living in a post #MeToo world, some people still believe they have every right to sexually harass others, something which was dramatically proven when 28-year-old Jacob Garcia was forcibly removed from a flight after allegedly groping a woman.

The incident happened on board an American Airlines flight that was destined for Chicago. He was approached by law enforcement after a woman on the plane claimed that he touched her inappropriately, but as soon as they tried to remove him from the flight, he resisted.

To see footage of the shocking incident for yourself, check out the video below:

“This guy seemed to be agitated on boarding, and was harassing passengers and saying racial slurs to several people,” passenger Jabari Ennis recounted on Twitter.

Garcia appeared to have no idea why he was being removed from the plane and incessantly asked, “Why am I being removed?”

During the altercation, he goaded the officers who were trying to remove him from the plane, saying, “Tase me, and you’ll see what happens.” The officers granted his request, but despite tasering him a total of ten times, the 28-year-old appeared completely unaffected.

The flight in question was delayed by an hour because of the incident.

Garcia was subsequently taken to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center charged with battery, disorderly conduct, resisting an officer without violence, criminal mischief and attempting to deprive an officer with means of protection. His bond has been set at $6,000.