Controlling partners are an unfortunate reality in relationships in all corners of the world. Whether it’s due to being overly jealous or overly protective, there are far too many relationships where one has the clear upper hand over the other.

When Elizabeth was only 22 years old, she met the then-34-year-old Cory – the man who would later become the father of her child. She described their first meeting as “love at first sight”, but would then discovered much too late that he was actually “very controlling and narcissistic”.

Elizabeth found her life being so controlled that she sought help from Dr. Phil:

When they started living together, Elizabeth was forced to contend with the fact that Cory had taken it upon himself to make all the decisions and control everything that went on in their home.

This included everything from keeping tabs on her passwords to having complete control over what the money was spent on.

Bizarrely, Cory believes all the rules he has set in place are for Elizabeth’s own benefit and during an episode on Dr. Phil, he said: “Where she was at when I met her, and where she is at now is a huge change.”

“I am the king. It’s my castle. If you want to be my queen, you need to follow the king,” Cory says. “I only have room for followers. I am the leader, and that’s the way it’s going to be.”

He admitted to controlling which of her friends she was allowed to see and decided that the rest only “brought her life down”.

Another issue of contention was the fact that she was “not allowed to speak to men”

Cory tried to excuse this by saying, “In the past, the guys that she was talking to like I’ve said before were the people that brought her down.”

He also explained that he censored what Elizabeth posted on social media.

“When we first started dating, what she would do on Facebook was just dramatic and she’d put stuff on there that most people would not put from their home on Facebook,” he said. “I think everything that happens in a home should stay in a home. I’m very old school.”

Perhaps most bizarre of all was that he limited the time she spent with her own father, saying “she shouldn’t be dating her dad, she should be dating me”

Here are some of Cory’s other rules according to Elizabeth:

  • Elizabeth has to look after the baby; can’t ask for help.
  • Elizabeth gets a $100 allowance per month.
  • Elizabeth can’t talk to men. No exceptions.
  • Cory must approve her friends; no bad influences allowed.
  • Cory must have her passwords; monitor phone records, email, social media accounts.
  • Elizabeth can’t have Cory’s information regarding salary, finances, passwords, etc.
  • No posting about the relationship
  • Limited time with father
  • “Tone up” body
  • Medication/therapist for the relationship to work
  • Cory picks out /approves clothing, especially lingerie
  • Only one child

Elizabeth confessed to feeling “so belittled in this relationship”, however, the unfortunate reality is that far too many people will choose to stay in such emotionally abusive and restrictive relationships.

Check out the video to see if Elizabeth’s plight could be resolved…