We are taught from a young age to never accept no for an answer. However, in certain situations, we have no choice but to accept it – no matter how unfair it may seem. One person who is yet to learn this lesson is 12-year-old Drew, who flew more than 4,000 miles from his home in Australia to the idyllic Indonesian island of Bali after his parents told him that he couldn’t go.

You may be wondering how it was possible for a child to fund such an extravagant trip. Do they really pay kids that much for a paper round these days?! No, they don’t. For Drew, the budget was practically without limit, for he used his parent’s credit card to book the entire thing.

Here, his mother explains everything, including the heart-stopping moment that she realized her son was in a foreign country…

Whilst his parents are understandably furious with their son’s total disrespect for them, they are more concerned with the fact that it was even possible for Drew to pull off the stunt.

Drew’s mom, Emma, is alarmed that no airline thought it strange that a 12-year-old boy was traveling solo without any permission forms from his parents. During the entire seven-hour flight, which even included a stopover in Perth, Australia, Drew’s eligibility to travel was barely questioned.

Drew’s parents wouldn’t learn that their son had embarked on his wild adventure until his school notified them that he hadn’t turned up for the day. It was then that his mother learned the truth.

Left with no alternative, she hopped on the next flight to Bali to collect her wayward son who had an entire four days of activities planned. Watch the above video to see her reaction to her son’s behavior.

The story has, understandably, caused a stir back in Australia where the popular airline JetStar is being slammed for its passive handling of the situation. Now, parents around the world are questioning if it is possible for their child to do the same.

So hold on to your credit card, because with children now more computer-literate than ever, you could find quite a shock hiding in your next bank statement!