It’s incredibly frustrating when your mail or packages go missing. So this next video of a man catching his package thief is oh so satisfying.

The man quickly arms himself with his trusted shotgun, but when the thief turns out to be a troubled young woman, he decides its time to teach her a lesson.

Watch the heart-pounding moment in the video below:

The video starts with the woman unlocking a gate and sneaking up to the man’s front porch where an unattended package is lying. However, when she goes to grab it, the man opens his front door and begins to yell at her.

The young woman first tries to run but then obeys the homeowner’s commands to return to the porch. Someone from inside the house hands the man a gun, but he doesn’t need it and eventually passes the gun back. He tells the woman he worked hard to afford his purchases and asks why she is stealing them.

The woman confesses that she is unemployed and doesn’t have a résumé. She brazenly asks the man to help her, which he refuses to do but presses her for more information. She admits she is addicted to drugs and steals for money.

The man then tells her she can get help for that. He says he wishes he “had a crystal ball” to know if she’d get clean, but that it was up to her to better her own life.

Hopefully, she will take the man’s advice. Sometimes it takes getting caught to finally get clean, and considering the fact this man was armed with a gun and faced with a thief, she really owes it to him to take his advice.