Now, if you were ever the kind of person that outright refused to believe in supernatural or paranormal figures, you might want to think again. Why? Well, the crew behind the paranormal reality TV show, Most Haunted, has apparently caught an actual bona fide ghost on camera.

Yes, it’s been a whole 15 years since the British show has been on the air, and they finally have what they believe is evidence of a ghostly presence. Which is sort of the point of the show…

Watch the undeniably sinister footage here:

The footage was recorded at Wentworth Woodhouse stable block in Yorkshire, England where they were investigating the scene for potential ghosts. The stable block was built all the way back in 1630 by Thomas Wentworth, the first Earl of Strafford.

So how did it all go down? Well, one member of the crew and one of the cameramen heard footsteps and the cameraman promptly ran in the direction from which the noise was coming. In a slow-motion playback, an indistinguishable male figure is seen on the steps.

The host, Yvette Fielding, described the scenes as “the most ground-breaking footage we have ever recorded.”

“But rather than giving us the answer we were looking for, it just gave us more questions, she added, “Was it the presence of the spirit of a long dead soul, a doppelgänger, Stone Tape Replay or something else we are never supposed to understand?”

Karl Beattie, who filmed the eerie footage, explained: “We’ve never seen anything like this before and we really don’t have an explanation for what we saw but the replay of the filming, clearly shows the vision in detail. It’s a weird, weird place.”

Naturally, many of the viewers were skeptical about the so-called ghost sighting and some speculated that it was merely a member of the crew dressed in a hoodie.

Yvette has described the moment she saw the ghost for the first time, explaining that she was so overwhelmed that she ended up “bursting into tears”.

“I burst into tears when I saw it. This was the first full ghostly apparition we have got on film,” she said in an interview with the Daily Star. “We have had weird manifestations before but this threw up so many questions about ghosts. To date, this has to be the most ground-breaking footage we have ever recorded.”

I mean, I think most people would respond with overwhelming fear and trepidation at the mere prospect of seeing a ghost, but, you know, we all have our interests…