Tonia Rossington decided several years ago that she’d like bigger breasts. The decision came after having three children and feeling self-conscious about her sagging chest. Spurred on by the “big boob” fashion at the time, she decided to go under the knife and get implants.

Her decision to turn her 36B breasts into massive 36F cups with the help of silicone implants was inspired by large chested celebrities like UK glamor models Katie Price and Melinda Messenger, who were very popular at the time. Yet, almost immediately after undergoing the surgery, Rossington regretted her decision.

Rossington isn’t the only one to regret having a boob job. Recently a lifestyle blogger and the host of Alexandra’s Girly Talk opened up about her breast implant removal surgery: 

Her husband had paid $3,360 for her to have the procedure done in Belgium. At the time, Rossington, who is 5’2″, was a size 12 to 14, so the new breasts did look large but not out of proportion to her body. However, Rossington lost a lot of weight and soon her chest began to appear out of place.

“At that time, big boobs were in fashion. I’d had three children and I thought, ‘I want big boobs’. For a time I thought they were great, but that soon wore off,” she admitted. “As I lost weight, they just looked ridiculous. Plus I had lost some of my own breast tissue, so they started to sag really badly.”

“A year later, I started to think, ‘Oh God, I’ve got to have these in now for the rest of my life’. I’d cover them up, wearing tight bras and high-necked tops. But in the last two years, I got really serious about wanting them out. They affected me mentally and ­physically. I was ashamed of my body,” she added.