It’s never easy to learn the truth, especially not when it is staring you right in the face from across the Dr. Phil stage. For one wife, that situation became a reality when she discovered that her husband had been continuously cheating on her with another woman for 15 years.

Cherie was left devastated when she discovered that her husband, Terry, had been having an intimate relationship with a woman named Crystal for practically their entire marriage. Not only that, but Crystal had fathered his child.

Awkwardly, the situation was just as heartbreaking for Crystal who had been clueless to the truth about Terry. From 1998 to 2013, she’d blindly believed that he was genuine. That was until she bumped into Terry and Cherie at an RV show, giving the love rat the fright of his life.

In order to fix the situation, the three chose to do what most rational people do and go on Dr. Phil to talk about their problems in front of a national audience…

But, of course, it wasn’t going to be quite that simple…

If the women thought it couldn’t get any worse they were hugely mistaken, for it would transpire that Terry hadn’t just been exclusive to them. Instead, the father-of-three (two daughters with his wife Cherie and one daughter with Crystal), admitted to having slept with seven or eight women – although he later admitted that he couldn’t remember the true total.

Despite his outrageous behavior, Cherie was conflicted with regard to her future with Terry. Whilst it was clear to everyone that she should kick him to the curb, the mother-of-two had other ideas.

Talking to Dr. Phil, Cherie agreed to consider forgiving Terry – despite his own admission that he may cheat again – once he’d completed a course of therapy for his infidelity issues.

Her remarkable willingness to overlook his past indiscretions had the audience stunned. No doubt Terry himself was also surprised. But can he turn his life around and behave for once? The jury is still out!