We never know how we’ll react in a stressful situation. Will we become the hero? Or, will we be overwhelmed by the environment we’ve unwittingly found ourselves in and just stand idly by in a state of shock? We all like to think that we’d launch into action, but then when you do, what do you do? Different situations call for different reactions, be it simply phoning 911 or performing CPR on a stricken individual.

Speaking of CPR, do you know how to do it? Probably not. But for a demonstration on how NOT to do it, you need to watch this video…

It has gone viral for all the wrong reasons…

The lifesaving technique is possibly one of the most important things you can learn. Despite that, it’s not a compulsory element of high school curriculum. Nor is it a fundamental skill to those in the workplace – unless your job requires you to intimately know the maneuver.

Considering that 350,000 people in the US suffer from cardiac arrests every year – a figure which does not include those that occur inside hospitals – it’s very important to know CPR, especially considering that a patient who receives it has two or three times more chance of survival.

So it’s time to pay attention during those boring health and safety lectures, they could save a life!