Dr. Phil is famous for its eclectic mix of peculiar guests, but even so, nobody was prepared for 19-year-old Haley, who featured on the show in 2016.

The teen shocked audiences when she claimed to be pregnant with baby Jesus. So confident was she of this fact that she underwent an ultrasound live on air – her first scan, despite the fact that she claimed to be eight and a half months pregnant at the time.

Watch Dr. Phil reveal the truth. It won’t be what you’re expecting…

Haley didn’t let the skepticism of her church or medical professionals stop her from proclaiming her pregnancy state. In fact, if anything, this gave her renewed energy in which to spread her story.

But whilst the teen was wholeheartedly convinced she was giving birth to a “savior”, Dr. Phil wasn’t – and he had some surprising medical reports to support his analysis.

At first, Haley, who has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, found the news hard to digest. But one year later, she claims to have come to terms with the harsh reality. After spending two months of inpatient treatment to help manage her delusions, Haley went back on the show to talk about her progress.

“At the time, I was so against it because I didn’t think it was a real ultrasound,” she explains. “But now I’m looking at it, and maybe I should have listened better. But I wasn’t about to back down because I really thought I was pregnant.”

But whilst Haley now knows that she isn’t pregnant, she is still entirely convinced that she is the biological daughter of rap star, Eminem.

Whilst her stories are certainly extravagant and entertaining, we really hope that Haley gets the help she needs to support he through these delusions.