When you’re a kid, it’s pretty unavoidable that you’ll get caught up in all kinds of dangerous situations while playing outside. Whether that involves breaking your arm while playing on a jungle gym, or accidentally grazing your knees by running too fast for the ice cream truck.

But few kids know this better than 11-year-old Jordan Spraggs:

He was rescued by a group of strangers after a hole he was digging collapsed on him at a beach south of Adelaide, Australia.

Jordan had no idea what he would suffer when he dug a one-and-a-half meter hole in the sand at the popular vacation destination, Horseshoe Bay.

When the hole collapsed, he became completely trapped in the sand. “It was up to, probably, around an inch above my head,” Jordan told 9News.

Jordan opened up about the immense fear he felt as he shouted for help, but he couldn’t shout loud enough for anyone to hear.

Darien Bauer, who was at the scene, attempted to calm the boy’s mother down while trying to figure out how to help the child breathe.

He ran to a nearby caravan park and explained all to an off-duty police officer called Lenny Carlier who helped the group to bring the boy back to safety.

“We got a snorkel out the back of the car and ran down there and then obviously when we rocked up, he was fairly well buried in,” he said.

Unfortunately, the snorkel had failed them so instead, they decided to use a piece of garden hose to allow Jordan to get some air.

The police officer told the group of onlookers to dig all the way from the back of the hole towards him and the shore so that the hole would not collapse any further.

A half-hour later, the boy was eventually retrieved from the hole to the immense relief of his family. Then finally his mother “shoveled all the sand around [his] face and she got it all out of [his] mouth, so [he] could breathe.”

Jordan and his family expressed their gratitude to the group of rescuers including his grandfather, Bill Spraggs, who referred to them as “heroes”.