Mother Nature has a remarkable way of making each and every one of us different. In the Animal Kingdom, there’s still a lot of diversity too, even if it’s not as obvious between animals of the same species. But these differences become all too apparent when they are deformities.

While looking different might have the upside of creating a unique appearance, it can put people off, especially when it comes to animals. We live in a world where people want Instagram perfect pets, and those with severe deformities, generally speaking, don’t fall into this category.

Check out the video below to see a dog who is an online hit despite her unusual appearance:

A good example of the problems created by looking different is Lucky the dog. Despite his name, he hadn’t been lucky in life at all. His original owners badly neglected him and because of his unusual appearance, absolutely no one wanted to give him a forever home.

Those who worked at the shelter where Lucky was sent eventually decided to give him away for free so that someone, anyone, would give him a home, and this had the unfortunate effect of him being adopted by negligent people and going in and out for shelters for a time.

One of Lucky’s many owners was a family in Austin. They left poor Lucky outside constantly when they discovered that their cats didn’t like him.