A relationship is built on love, trust and understanding. Without those three fundamental elements, a partnership simply cannot conventionally function. Why? Because if your soulmate doesn’t care about hurting your feelings, then what hope is there?

One person who learned that the hard way was Mollie Cowin. The 22-year-old from Kent, England, was left heartbroken by her boyfriend’s cruel comments regarding her severe acne.

Check out her skin before she found a miraculous cure…

Mollie, a corporate banker, had always been conscious of her skin having suffered from bad breakouts since she was 14-years-old. Desperate to try anything that could cure her calloused skin, she tried practically every skincare product available in the drugstore – but nothing worked.

“I [have] spent so much money over the past few years on complicated skincare routines that were just useless and a waste of time and money,” Cowin writes on her Instagram page where she shares her skin’s journey with her 2,000 followers.

Losing patience with drugstore solutions and crippled by cruel comments made by her unsupportive boyfriend, Cowin knew she needed to find another alternative – for her skin and her love life!