There have been a lot of festival trends over the years. From mankinis to fairy costumes, just about anything goes when the weather is warm and people are having a good time. Therefore, festivals are the perfect opportunity to wear something risqué that you wouldn’t normally consider.

Last year’s biggest festival trends were glitter boobs. Admittedly, I was tempted to get it done myself, but the thought of my mom catching a glimpse of me in that much of a sparkly state of undress was enough to put to me off, so I just admired those with them from afar.

But if you want to try glitter boobs out for yourself this year, watch this fantastic tutorial:

Now, for 2018’s festival season, and there’s a new boob trend on the block: flower boobs.

As the picture above beautifully demonstrates, this is, quite literally, what it says on the tin.

And, unlike glitter boobs, flower boobs are not only a lot easier to apply than their predecessor but create a lot less mess!