To the untrained eye, it seems as though being an actor is the easiest job on the planet. But what you don’t see in the final cut of a film is the incessant hours that have been invested and the strain that embodying a certain character puts upon the mind and body.

Of course, actors are never shy to remind us of how hard they work behind-the-scenes. We hear them on talk show couches time after time recalling the severe strain they had to put their body through in order to play a particular role. In true actor style, they dramatize the story so much that we begin to pity them and the rice cake diet they committed to.

For example, listen to these screen icons explain how they changed their body for the big screen…

Be it Natalie Portman who only ate carrots and almonds in order to drop 30lbs for her leading role in Black Swan, or Christian Bale who lost a dangerous 63lbs for The Machinist – before then gaining 100lbs over the following six months in order to convincingly play Batman – we don’t envy them this element of their career.

Then again, who wouldn’t constrict themselves to a diet of egg whites in return for a million dollar paycheck? Of course, the ideal situation would be one where you’re paid to shamelessly gain weight.

For Charlize Theron, she is living that dream. The blonde beauty looks totally unrecognizable having gained 50lbs for her latest film, Tully, in which she plays a mother-of-three who strikes up a friendship with her children’s nanny.