One of the most unfortunate realities of dating in the modern world is being judged entirely for your looks. With so many couples now meeting on dating apps like Tinder, more and more of us are judging the suitability of a potential partner based entirely on what they look like.

While attraction is necessary for any relationship, many other factors come into play; like personality and common interests. But 22-year-old Sophia Ridlington realized her boyfriend did not value her entirely for these qualities when she decided to show him her makeup-free face.

Check out the video below to see her amazing makeup transformations:

Unfortunately, Sophia, who is from Lincolnshire, England, suffers from psoriasis. This is a chronic skin condition which causes painful patches of red, flaky of skin on her body, although its severity can fluctuate, and it is caused by the production of excess skin cells.

Speaking about what it is like to live with the condition, which also affects several members of her family, the talented makeup artist said to the Mirror:

“It’s been very tough; my psoriasis is visible on my body even when I try and cover it up, particularly on my hands. I spend the majority of my days thinking how I would cover up my psoriasis.”

Because we live in a world where women, in particular, are expected to have flawless skin, Sophia’s condition has greatly affected her confidence and that was only worsened when she decided to show her then-boyfriend what she looked like without makeup.