If you were to quiz the majority of the world’s population, you’d find that practically everybody has at some stage in their life dreamed of being a superhero. After all, who wouldn’t want to swing from building to building like Spider-Man, fly like Iron Man, fight like Captain America, or kick-ass like Black Widow?

But in order to be part of the superhero elite, you need to commit to a strict lifestyle plan which doesn’t accommodate any slacking. So put down that french fry and listen up, because if you want to be able to wield a hammer like Thor or have the energy of Black Panther then you need to make some big changes.

With the imminent release of the highly-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War, the entire cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have never been in better shape.

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In fact, some of the actors behind the iconic characters are completely unrecognizable after undergoing an intense physical transformation.

One person in particular who has bulked up for the film, set to be the highest grossing movie of the year, and possibly all time, is Tom Holland.

The 21-year-old British-born actor has received a great deal of critical acclaim for his portrayal of Spider-Man, but apparently, he thought he could do better by improving his physique for the superhero extravaganza.