Keyboard warriors are all too quick to launch into a virtual meltdown before truly understanding the situation they have stumbled into. Blind by some unknown rage they get their satisfaction from bullying and belittling people they’ve never met from behind a computer screen.

But it’s this incensed anger that often leads them to make foolish mistakes. Blinkered by their need to shame, insult and guilt others, they fail to properly investigate the subject matter of the situation.

See what happens when a notorious internet troll is tracked down in real life. Unsurprisingly, they aren’t so tough…

One prime example comes in the form of an internet troll who took a swipe at a young girl on Twitter. The clueless user took aim at the girl after she posted several pictures of her posing with a tarantula.

“Some days you just need to cuddle a tarantula…Meet this sweetheart. Her name is Harriet,” the girl captioned the snaps.

Clearly unimpressed by the tweet, one user began to type a response before realizing who he was talking to.

“I really was like, [shaking my head], white people are so stupid until I saw her last name,” the user typed.

The girl in question is, of course, none other than Bindi Irwin, the daughter of famed animal enthusiast Steve Irwin, who tragically passed away in 2006 after being stung by a stingray.