It’s public knowledge that President Trump was unfaithful to at least one of his wives. He cheated on Ivana with the woman who became his second wife, Marla Maples, but it appears that karma may have come around for Maples while she was pregnant with their daughter Tiffany.

Since the former businessman became president in January 2017, there have been two high profile allegations of infidelity. The most scandalous of which arguably came from adult movie star Stormy Daniels and a second allegation came from playmate Karen McDougal.

But yet ANOTHER Playmate has accused Trump of infidelity:

While Daniels claimed to have had a one night stand with the now president in 2006, McDougal allegedly had a nine-month relationship with him.

It is Daniels, however, who has really got tongues wagging with her accusations of threats which she claims were made on behalf of the president against her and her young daughter when she first spoke of their affair in 2009. She has now filed a lawsuit over this incident.

Trump’s affairs with Daniels and McDougal happened in the period just after his youngest son’s birth.However, his alleged affair with a third woman, the then-24-year-old Playmate Barbara Moore, reportedly happened in 1993 when Marples was pregnant with Trump’s youngest daughter Tiffany.

Unbeknownst to Moore at the time, or so she claims, she had no idea that the now-president was seeing someone else, let alone had a pregnant fiancée.

According to the now 49-year-old, she had a six-month relationship with the president which lasted from March until September 1993.