On April 17, 144 passengers and five crew members onboard Southwest Flight 1380 were thrown into a situation they’d only ever imagined possible in their worst nightmares when the plane, just 20 minutes into its flight from New York to San Francisco, experienced engine failure.

The Boeing 737-700 jet, piloted by US Navy veteran and ex-fighter pilot Tammie Jo Schults, had to make an emergency descent after engine debris reportedly struck the aircraft fuselage.

Watch footage filmed by a passenger from inside the stricken flight…

Whilst details of the damage are currently under investigation, it is being reported that this damage caused a piece of shrapnel to strike the cabin window, causing it to crack.

Unbelievably, this then caused the passenger sat by the failed window to be partially sucked from the cabin. The passenger, now identified as 43-year-old mother-of-two Jennifer Riordan, tragically lost her life after half her body was dragged from the plane.

Despite fellow passengers desperate attempts to pull her back through the shattered window Ms. Riordan, who was returning to Dallas from New York after a business trip, was unable to be saved.

Passengers onboard the doomed flight have now come forward to tell their harrowing stories, which include details of how it took the strength of several passengers to hold onto Ms. Riordan during the terrifying 12 minutes that it took for the stricken plane to land.