We live in a world where people are constantly scrutinized for their appearances. While the body positivity movement has done a lot of good, there is no denying that no matter who you are, society still exerts a degree of pressure on you when it comes to the way you look.

Take a stroll down any high street, for example, and you will only see perfectly featured mannequins in store windows and almost every ad in existence features a model with picture-perfect skin and features, which is enough to make most people feel inadequate.

This pressure to look good is particularly great for celebrities, whose appearances are more scrutinized than most. Every fashion mishap they make is mercilessly taken apart in gossip columns and that’s not to mention the things they can’t easily change, like their skin.

Check out the video below where Courteney Cox explains how this affected her self-esteem: 

One of the many victims to this media epidemic is Friends star Courteney Cox. As she eloquently explains in the video above, being in the public eye meant that she felt greater pressure than most to consistently look youthful, despite the fact that she was getting older.

Having achieved international fame on Friends, which she was cast in when she was just 30 years old, the now 53-year-old grew older in the spotlight, and this led to her having cosmetic surgery in an attempt to halt the effects of aging on her face.

Instead of making Cox look younger, however, the work she had done had the paradoxical effect of making her look even older than she was, and, as she admits herself in the video above, resulted in photographs which caused her to think that he looked horrible.