We are all partial to taking a selfie (or, if we’re being honest, about 50 before we find a picture that’s worthy of social media). While our selfies have little power online, bar attracting the odd comment and giving us an ego boost as the likes roll in, celebrity selfies often cause a storm.

Admittedly, it’s not always selfies that fall into this category, but, generally speaking, celebs have meticulously crafted social media profiles that are the envy of millions, and it turns out that they aren’t all that hard to improve, as comedian Celeste Barber hilariously proved.

Check out the video below to see some of Barber’s hilarious recreations of celebrity selfies:

Us Average Joes tend to marvel at celebrities because of how perfect their appearances are, even if we know deep down that aspiring to be like them isn’t a reasonable goal to have. Celeste, however, is a testament to the fact that all you need is confidence to win at social media.

1. She’s keeping it real when it comes to camera flashes

Let’s face it, Bella Hadid probably couldn’t see properly after that sultry snap was taken.

2. Celebrities might have perfect timing

But the awkward reality of a normal person relationship looks a lot more fun.

3. Sometimes less really is more

Even if this picture strongly suggests happiness is tied to the size of your Christmas tree.

4. Some things in life are easier to chase than dreams

Food is a pretty good example.

People often admire celebrity selfies because they are so far removed from the ones most people are able to take, but Celeste is proof that if you’ve got enough nerve, anything really is possible. Although, as the next picture proves, sometimes you’ll need some friends to help you out…

5. The reality of carrying a normal woman on a sofa isn’t instaworthy

To be quite honest, it looks painful!

6. Celebrity poses aren’t natural

And Celeste’s recreations show them up for their true ridiculousness.

7. The Kardashian-Jenner clan are a bit too close

No one wants to get that intimate with a family member, but Celeste will do it to make you laugh.

8. Now that’s what I call windswept and sexy

While Celeste is serving up windswept and hilarious.

The online world can have a negative effect on our self-esteem, especially when we are feeling fragile. It’s easy to compare your life to other people’s, especially celebs’, and feel inadequate. That’s why Celeste’s hilarious recreations are such a welcome breath of fresh air.

9. No woman that skinny can realistically have an ass like that

It’s better to be curvy and confident like Celeste.

10. Celebrities have sexy and silky smooth mud

Normal people have actual mud. Props to Celeste for giving herself a mustache while she was at it.

11. Beverage containers aren’t for inspiration

They are for wine and warning people not to touch it. Touché Celeste.

12. Beyoncé slays in a way that Jay Z never will

And we have to hand it to Celeste’s partner, he knows how to let his girl shine too.

Naturally, Celeste’s recreations are incredibly popular online, and she has an impressive 3.2 million followers on Instagram. She’s encouraged them to get in on the fun too with the hashtag #celestechallengeaccepted, which has prompted countless people to make recreations of their own.

13. From sultry to downright relatable

Who doesn’t love a good BBQ?!

14. We’ve all been there

And no, I’m not talking about the first picture. Thanks for keeping it real Celeste.

15. Some celebs will take any opportunity to show off their bits

And Celeste is more than happy to mock them for it.

16. When a celeb falls down the stairs it’s sexy…

When a normal person does it, it’s pretty clear that it’s not a good place for taking a picture.

Speaking about how ridiculous celebrity selfies really are, Celeste said, “People take it all too seriously, they have such an obsession with celebrities, the rich, the privileged and all these lifestyle bloggers but yet the celebrities think they are doing normal things.”

“Kim Kardashian posing in a pile of dirt – who does that in real life?”

17. Celeste has a point – no one climbs a tree while naked

Talk about perfectly positioned plates!

18. A train isn’t a footrest

And even that celeb looks ridiculous using it as one.

19. Who seriously opens champagne naked?!

No one looks that happy when they’ve just been doused in alcohol.

20. Wine is most likely drunk in underwear in kitchens

Not Coke. That’s just stupid advertising.

“I am turning the mirror back on the celebrities as I am very pro-woman and I get frustrated when people say you should be or act a certain way,” Celeste said of her hilarious pictures. “Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are the top two people we hit up first, followed by Miranda Kerr and Giselle. The Kardashians are always really out there and ridiculous – I just love it.”

21. Celebrities will pose with literally anything

And Celeste is willing to have a go at it too.

22. There’s nothing realistically sexy about sucking your thumb

Or crouching in a hoodie while doing it.

23. Paris Hilton might be pretty in pink

But it’s Celeste who’s really turning heads.

24. Why have fruit when Pringles exist?

A garden is no place to for an “I just grew this here” selfie.

An unfortunate side effect of living in the modern world is having to live with the pressure of constantly feeling the need to look good on social media. But as these celebrity selfies and Celeste’s recreations prove, sometimes the things we admire most are actually pretty ridiculous when we take them back down to Earth.