Most of us have fantasized about swimming with dolphins at least once in our lives. It was something that I wanted to do until I watched the 2013 documentary Blackfish which shed light on the disturbing reality of the marine mammal entertainment industry.

Unfortunately, because swimming with dolphins is such a common dream, many of these highly intelligent and social animals have been cruelly ripped from their pods in the wild to be used for our entertainment, which, in the case of orcas, has had deadly consequences.

The only ethical way to see marine life, or to swim with it, is to do so in the wild, and that’s been reflected by the fact that Seaworld, on which Blackfish focused, has stopped its captive orca breeding program and hopefully the same thing will eventually happen with its dolphins.

There are a number of ways to swim with dolphins in the wild, but few of them are quite as successful as using a “Dolphin Diver”. It’s a small device which, to all intents and purposes, turns users into dolphins themselves, enabling them to swim through the water in a similar way.

To see a Dolphin Diver in action, check out the incredible video below:

As you can tell from the video above, this incredible device enabled the guy using it to have a much more satisfying once-in-a-lifetime experience than those traditionally offered at marine parks, allowing him to swim with a pod of dolphins without disturbing them in their natural environment.

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet, and if you’ve ever dreamed of swimming with them, perhaps its time to look into how you can use a Dolphin Diver.

Not only will you have a better experience than seeing captive dolphins, but you can take comfort in the knowledge that it’s a lot more ethical than the one traditionally offered at marine parks!