Propriety is synonymous with the British Royal Family. However, it is had its rebels. From Edward VIII who abdicated the throne to marry divorced American socialite Wallace Simpson to Prince Margret who was famously not allowed to marry her older beau, Peter Townsend, for the same reason.

While the monarchy has become more liberal in recent years, there are certain standards which are, generally speaking, adhered to, and Prince Harry has flown in the face of almost all them, earning him the name the “Playboy Prince”. Some of his more rebellious antics involved dressing up as a Nazi for a fancy dress party and, of course, being photographed naked in Las Vegas.

With such a colorful past, it was only natural that the Playboy Prince would choose an equally rebellious bride, and that woman eventually came in the form of divorced American actress Meghan Markle.

Check out the video below to see Markle in the eyebrow-raising movie:

Unlike Kate Middleton, who, though a “commoner”, led a relatively low key life prior to meeting Prince William at university, Markle worked as an actress, and, as a beautiful young woman, she was naturally hired to act in her fair share of sex scenes.

In the picture below, she is playing a sexually adventurous twenty-something called Mindy in the movie featured above, Random Encounters.

In these eye-popping images, the princess-to-be strips down to her underwear while seducing a man (actor Michael Rady).

The steamy scenes see the future member of the Royal Family unbutton the actor’s shirt and remove his trousers while pouting at the sight of his manhood.

Sadly for fans of the brunette beauty, however, this is as explicit as things get.

The movie was previously only available in the United States, but Random Encounters is now being released in the United Kingdom to coincide with the 36-year-old’s marriage to Prince Harry.