For the past six years, John Cena and Nikki Bella have dominated the world of wrestling. Not only have they commanded the ring, but also the entertainment industry via the reality series Total Bellas. 

The duo, who became engaged on April 2, 2017 during the Wrestlemania 33 event at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida, have long been a favorite in the wrestling community. Therefore, when they announced that they’d be separating after six years together, shockwaves rippled through the world of wrestling.

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The WWE power couple first met in 2012, shortly after Cena divorced his first wife. At the time, Bella wasn’t signed to WWE having left in April 2012 following a storyline in which she lost the Diva Championship. By the time Bella returned a year later, she had already been dating Cena, currently a 16-time world champion, for a few months.

This return to the ring as not only a wrestler but John Cena’s girlfriend presented many challenges for Bella, who was accused of using her relationship to climb the WWE ladder. In fact, some went as far as to claim that she wouldn’t be in the position she is now if it wasn’t for her romance with the 16-time world champ and five-time United States champion.

But rather than take the bait, Bella has maintained that her relationship status makes things harder for her.

Talking to Digital Spy in October 2016, the 34-year-old professional-wrestler and longest-reigning Divas Champion explained: “No matter how hard I work I’m always going to have people take away everything I do because of John… I have to work so much harder being with a successful man to just prove myself.”