Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ll have heard of the notorious Cinderella Escorts. The agency consistently hit the headlines after a number of young women came forward to reveal that they were selling their virginities through them for astronomical amounts of money.

These claims were backed up on the agency website with photographs of the girls holding up handwritten signs that read Cinderella Escorts as well as a number of scantily clad photographs. Each girl listed reportedly had to undergo a medical examination to prove her “innocence” too.

However, it has now been claimed that not all was what it seemed with Cinderella Escorts, which reportedly promoted a woman’s ability to chose what she wanted to do with her body. A former “virgin” has spoken out, saying that it was an elaborate ruse for sex trafficking.

Check out the video below where the 19-year-old reveals her shocking allegations:

While some might argue after watching the video above that Aleexandra Kefren should have known what she was getting herself into when she agreed to be interviewed on national television, her claims have been further substantiated by adult movie director Harriet Sugarcookie.

The director, who works for Sugarcookie.com, claimed that the publicity Kefren generated for Cinderella Escorts was used by its unscrupulous owner, Alexandros Kallinikidis, to encourage young and naive girls to get into seemingly one-time prostitution.

However, instead of being paid vast amounts of money for their virginity, and in some cases, as was reported, getting to sleep with A-list stars, they found themselves trafficked into sex work which could potentially see them sleep with eight men a night in European brothels.

Cinderella Escorts, however, has hit back at Kefren’s claims and said that the sale of her virginity was real, but it fell through at the last minute because she broke the terms of her contract with the agency by having a boyfriend.