If you’d have told me seven years ago that Justin Bieber would still be relevant today, I’d have laughed. We all would have. Back then, the Canadian-born singer was nothing more than a pout and a swish of perfectly coifed hair.

At 14-years-old he commanded the attention of millions of screaming girls as he sung his chart-topping hit ‘Baby’. But despite his overwhelming popularity with young preteens, Bieber became a totem for ridicule among other demographics. Back then, nobody Believe-d that the teen sensation would maintain a lengthy career in the music industry.

Check out this footage of Bieber enjoying himself at Coachella…

But then Bieber did the unexpected.

He bleached his hair, sang some dance anthems and got in trouble with the law. In a matter of minutes, his squeaky-clean image was tarnished. So when reports began to surface that the pop star was involved in a fracas at Coachella, people weren’t totally surprised.

Bieber’s notoriously short temper has seen him be involved in several incidents, from his 2013 altercation with paparazzi in London to his 2014 arrest for vandalism after he was caught throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house in the exclusive Calabasas neighborhood in Los Angeles.

However, whilst these incidents may have attracted the 24-year-old hitmaker a lot of bad press, his latest altercation has seen him be lauded as a hero.