With the rise of social media and smartphones, the pressure to look good at all times can be intense. It seems everyone needs to post selfies of themselves doing amazing things or looking really great, especially when someone is trying to become “Insta-famous”.

Check out Nadinne flaunting her impressive enhanced curves:

Yes, Instagram has surprisingly provided the latest pathway to fame and fortune, and it has young people everywhere doing some crazy things to try and get attention. One of these people is Insta-famous model, 32-year-old Nadinne Bruna.

She went to great lengths, including going under the knife, to perfect her online look. However, it was an illegal surgery that is banned in the United States that would rob Bruna of her vision and change her life forever.

Bruna wanted to alter her eye color from hazel to light grey and actually flew from Miami to Columbia to undergo the illegal procedure. She paid $3,000 to have silicone implants placed into her eyes, which was a discounted price in exchange for posting about the surgery online.

It wasn’t long after the procedure was done that Bruna began having problems. She claimed that her vision was constantly burry and that her eyes were left sore and red for months. Bruna went back to Columbia two more times to repair the botched procedure but it was too late.